How to Promote Business on Instagram – When running a business, implementing the right promotion and marketing strategy must be done in order to increase sales.

One technique worth trying is to do social media marketing via Instagram.

How to Promote Business on Instagram

How to Promote Business on Instagram

Here are 7 steps you can take to start promoting your business on Instagram:

1. Convert the account to a business account

The first thing to do is change your Instagram account from a personal account to a business account. Even better if you create a new account specifically to promote your business.

A business account on Instagram offers many features that you can use to grow your business.

The way to change the account to a business account is Settings > Account > Switch to Business Account.

2. Upload interesting and consistent content

Make your Instagram account as attractive as possible by posting relevant content on consistent topics.

Create a unique brand image to attract the attention of your target market. Make sure the theme raised is also relevant to your business field.

After that, upload content consistently, starting from the language style, to the schedule for uploading content.

3. Promotion with paid advertising

Instagram business has a Promote feature. Its function is to maximize all the content that you upload, both in feeds and stories. However, before that you have to connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account to be able to advertise.

Some aspects that must be considered are determining the target audience who will see your uploads and the budget prepared.

After making a payment, your ad must be approved by Instagram before it can run.

4. Take advantage of endorsement or paid promote

Many businesses do Instagram marketing with paid promotion or endorsement techniques.

Paid promote or endorsement is working with other accounts that have a lot of followers and paying them to promote your business.

Before choosing an account to work with, prioritize assessing their engagement rate compared to the number of followers.

Ask them to show their maximum account engagement for the last 3 months so that the promotions you are doing can run optimally.

5. Use hashtags

Hashtags or hashtags can be optimized for your promotional media via Instagram.

Using hashtags will make it easier for people to find the account or product you are selling. Use hashtags that are relevant to the product you are selling.

You can also do a little research about what keyword hashtags are most searched for by Instagram users. This is to ensure your target market can see the upload.

6. Hold a product giveaway

The next way you can do to market products on Instagram is giveaway. This strategy is more effective than giving product discounts to your followers.

Giveaway can also be a way to increase your followers or followers. In addition, through the giveaway, followers and potential customers can try your own product for free and experience its quality.

From here, they will not hesitate to buy your product if it is proven to have good quality.

7. Share testimonials from customers

The last way that can be done is to share testimonials from customers who have used your product.

Testimonials can increase potential customers’ trust in your business and convince them even more to buy it too.

You can share positive testimonials from potential customers through stories and save them in highlights.


That’s how to promote business on Instagram. By using the Instagram Ads feature, you can reach a wider audience. In addition, your selling products are increasingly recognized by Instagram users. Good luck!

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