How to Increase Your Business Instagram Followers, Easy! – Instagram is often considered as an effective promotional medium for offering business products. One of the important factors for an Instagram account to be widely known is the number of followers.

With so many followers following, automatically the content that is created is also widely viewed. For that, find out immediately how to increase your business Instagram followers.

The Importance of Followers for Business Continuity

The Importance of Followers for Business Continuity

Not infrequently social media is used as a place to compete to show fame with indications that can be seen through the number of followers and likers. Actually this is not always bad, because some people use it as an advertising medium as part of a marketing strategy.

Followers and likers greatly influence other people to also see the content of these social media accounts. Because the more followers, the more attention will be paid to others.

It can be said that the content presented is the main king in being able to attract the attention of viewers of other social media users, as well as followers who follow the account as well as an indication that the account is indeed interesting to look at and can also have unique content.

With more and more followers, there will also be more likers, that way the level of popularity of the account will also get better and there is no need to doubt it so that your online business can also get lots of customers.

How to Increase Instagram Followers

How to Increase Instagram Followers

The growth of Instagram users has always skyrocketed every year. It was recorded that in 2018 alone, users of this application earned up to one billion users. Because of that, Instagram is the social media that people are most interested in, especially as a place to promote something.

It’s not enough just to post photos or videos, having a large number of followers on Instagram is a dream for many people to achieve their goals.

Then, how to easily increase Instagram followers in 2022? Below are 7 ways to quickly increase Instagram followers.

1. Expand Content

The most appropriate and safe way to increase automatic Instagram followers without an application is to increase content. Of course, this is a way to increase followers and likes on Instagram with a long and tiring process to go through.

Therefore, creativity is needed. Expand Instagram content with what you like. Only, this Instagram content can’t just be a lot, but it must be accompanied by uniqueness and what people will see as ‘different’ from other accounts.

2. Follow Accounts of Famous Figures

The next way to increase the number of Instagram followers is to follow accounts with a fantastic number of followers, such as accounts of artists or other figures. After being followed for a while, unfollow the IG account with these fantastic followers again.

This is quite effective because usually celebrity Instagram followers are mostly new accounts that are looking for followers. By following the account, you will usually be given a follow back or follow back.

However, how to add followers must be done with a note that if you want Indonesian followers, follow Indonesian celebrities too.

3. Liking Posts in the Explorer Tab

The next way is to like posts in the explorer tab. Maybe it’s rarely done by Instagram users because it only consumes internet data and wastes time.

In addition, this method is quite draining because you have to like more than 100 content to get followers.

However, if you do it relying on WiFi, this method can be done as often as possible to get lots of followers in a week.

4. Use Hashtags, Hashtags and Popular Tags

A good way to increase free Instagram followers is to use hashtags. Including hashtags or hashtags in each Instagram post is a way to increase Instagram followers without the most basic application. These hashtags kind of create a category that fits the uploaded Instagram photo.

This will make uploaded photos easier for other users to find, and if they are interesting, users will get new followers. For example, if you are a food photographer or foodie, in each photo of your food, include a hashtag with complete information about your food.

5. Give Cool Captions

The way to increase Instagram followers without increasing your following is to provide cool captions. A good and cool caption will more easily attract people’s sympathy. Use cool quotes from famous authors or figures so you can add these figures to the hashtag.

Check the photo description again and don’t get typos or typos. You can also add a question at the end of the caption to invite a response from others.

6. Use Other Platforms

For those who use Instagram as a business support, promote products on several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and you can even promote products through a website.

So, build a website first, then fill in some interesting content to show potential customers.

7. Don’t Set Up to a Private Account

Private Instagram accounts are good for maintaining privacy. But if your goal is to get lots of followers, you should make your account public. That way potential followers can see your feed more freely.

Also, your account will be more visible when it is set to public. Posts that you share can be promoted to explore other people so that they can attract new followers.

Tips for Maintaining Your Business Instagram Followers

Tips for Maintaining Your Business Instagram Followers

Of course, if you already have a lot of followers, you don’t want them to slowly go and unfollow your account because of little things. For that you have to maintain it by following some tips on keeping followers from running away, including the following:

  • Provide eye-catching or attention-grabbing social media account content.
  • Content Updates. Be diligent in updating your timeline, but not too often because it could be considered spamming.
  • Language Use. Use language that is current but that is commonly used so that all viewers who follow your account can understand it. Grammar and words are also important to pay attention to.
  • Arrange the use of the post color concept to make it more interesting, don’t make it monotonous so it’s boring and interactive.
  • Do the Giveaway. This is what social media users like the most, because enthusiasm for free gifts with a competitive system can also increase the popularity of your account.
  • Social Media Feature Update. Don’t forget to keep abreast of technological developments by upgrading the features of social media facilities.
  • Use as much as possible Fitu. Maximizing the use of the features and facilities provided by social media also makes followers want to know about it, so that followers will survive.


Not a good idea if you want to buy Instagram followers. Purchased followers are most likely bots or inactive accounts, so they won’t engage with your posts. This means, your post will not appear on the explore page or in the news feed of your real audience.

There are many ways to increase automatic Instagram followers that you can do, so that your online business will be full of buyers and can make a lot of profit.

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