How to Convert PDF to JPG Offline, which is worth a try – Technological developments present various applications and software to facilitate work. One of the conveniences that already exists is the ease of converting PDF files to JPG. This review will discuss in depth how to convert PDF to JPG offline on a computer or laptop device.

Most people have been hunting for these applications and software. The applications and software that are presented to convert PDF file types to JPG also vary. PDF to JPG conversion can be done both online and offline. So, let’s look at the review this time!

How to Convert PDF to JPG Offline

How to Convert PDF to JPG Offline

Here’s how to change PDF to JPG, which has been summarized by from various sources:

1. Use a MAC

One way to convert PDF to JPG offline is to use a MAC. This method is classified as the simplest. One of the drawbacks of converting PDF to JPG this way is that it cannot process multiple documents at one time when exporting files.

The steps for converting PDF to JPG in this way are quite simple, namely by opening the file with the Preview view. After the Preview view appears then select the Export option. After clicking Export then please set the resolution as needed. Click save and the file can be saved.

2. Take advantage of Windows with Adobe Acrobat DC

The next step is to use Windows. If using Windows, how to convert PDF to JPG is done with Adobe Acrobat DC. This method is also the second practical way after the method mentioned above.

The steps for converting PDF files to JPG in this way are almost the same as using a MAC. Only by opening the PDF file you want to convert, in an instant the screen display will bring up the Export PDF menu which is usually on the right. After that select Image then JPG then save as needed.

3. Try Using Nitro Pro 9 Software

To make it even easier to convert PDF to JPG in all situations, of course, you have to use the right trick. Given the knowledge of various ways to convert PDF to JPG offline, this is really needed, especially to help with work.

The way that can be done is to prepare the Nitro Pro 9 software. This software is certainly very helpful in converting PDFs at any time. However, don’t forget to upload the Nitro Pro 9 software first on your laptop or computer before use.

4. Change with the WPS Office Application

The WPS Office application is available for free on the Play Store. This application is also the best choice as a way to convert PDF to JPG offline on laptop devices. As long as this application has been downloaded on the device, PDF to JPG conversion can also be done.

Apart from being practical to use, this WPS Office application has also become a familiar application for workers and students. The students who are doing their thesis have also made their choice on this application for the need to convert PDF files to JPG for the needs of lecture assignments.

5. Use DocuFreezer

One of the advantages of DocuFreezer is that it can convert PDF to JPG with a large number of files. DocuFreezer can do conversion work by adding multiple folders at once.

Another advantage of DocuFreezer is that it converts PDF to JPG quickly, even though there are quite a lot of files being converted. After Export, you can also choose color or colorless (black and white) output as needed when saving the results.


So, that’s an interesting review on how to convert PDF to JPG offline on a laptop device. Apart from saving quota because it can be done offline, this method is also very practical. The need for an understanding of this practical way will certainly help each job to be easily completed.

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