How to Convert PDF to Excel Online and Offline – Documents in PDF format are widely used because they can be used on all operating systems and on all available digital platforms. However, there are times when you receive a document containing tables or spreadsheets in PDF format but need to be edited.

In fact, editing PDF files directly is quite complicated. The solution is to convert the PDF file to the XLSX format which is commonly used in Microsoft Excel before editing it.

How to Convert PDF to Excel Online and Offline

How to Convert PDF to Excel Online and Offline

To convert a PDF file to Excel, there are many ways you can do it, both online and offline. Here are two ways to convert PDF to Excel for free, summarized by Suratdunia:

1. Online

The advantage of converting PDF to Excel online is that you can do it using various devices as long as you are connected to the internet. So in this way you can convert PDF to Excel using your Android phone, iOS device or PC.

Currently there are many online PDF converter services that are popular on the internet. One of them is Small PDF.

The conversion method is easy, open the site on your Android phone or PC browser. After that, click Choose File to select the PDF document you want to convert.

You can also drag documents directly from Windows Explorer to the browser. Or upload documents directly from cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Wait a moment for the document to finish uploading. You will be faced with two options, namely Convert to Excel and Convert to Excel with OCR.

Select the Convert to Excel option if you want to use the service to convert PDF to Excel for free. You can also choose the Convert to Excel with OCR option if you want the converted format to look neater, but this option is only available for the paid Pro version.

After selecting the option, wait a moment until the conversion process is complete. After the conversion is complete, your file can be downloaded and saved on your Android phone or PC in Excel format ready for editing.

2. Offline

To convert PDF files to Excel offline, you can do this by installing a special application, namely Foxit Reader. Fortunately, you can download this application for free via the official website.

Before starting, make sure you have installed the Foxit Reader application on your PC or laptop. For this method, you just need to use the copy-paste method which is quite simple.

After the Foxit Reader application is installed on your PC or laptop, open your PDF document that you want to convert using the application. After that, block the contents of the document by clicking the Home tab, then Select and Select text.

After that, block and select all the text in your PDF document. If there’s too much text, you can just press Ctrl+A to select all text automatically.

Right-click on the blocked area and select Copy. Next, open the Microsoft Excel application on your PC or laptop.

Right click on a blank sheet and select Paste. To keep the document format neat and unchanged, select the Paste Keep Source Formatting option.

After that, the text in the PDF will be copied neatly according to their respective columns. Edit the file or set the formatting if needed. If you are satisfied, save the file to your PC or laptop.


Those are the two ways to convert PDF to Excel. Those are the two ways to convert PDF to Excel. There’s also a way to convert PDF to JPG if you prefer. May be useful.

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