App Recommendations Turning Photos Into the Best Anime – Anime itself has become a lifestyle that influences several aspects of everyday life. From what was originally just a spectacle, anime has also begun to influence other aspects such as how to dress, food, music, and just a photo with a unique anime theme.

Therefore, a while ago various apps began to appear that were able to turn a photo into an anime look.

Best App to turn photos into anime

Best App to turn photos into anime

With so many apps starting to spread around, on this occasion, Mimin will provide 8 recommendations for apps to turn photos into the best anime.

1. Everfilter

Everfilter is arguably a very flexible photo editing app, because apart from being able to change the appearance of your photo to that of an anime character, this one app is able to change the theme, background, or buildings in your photo into beautiful animated movie-style images.

With a wide selection of anime filters that can be used, and very friendly when editing photos, Everfilter is one of the best apps for turning photos into anime.

2. Prism

Besides being able to turn your photos into an anime look, Prisma is one that can give a photo effect like a water painting.

If you like classic paintings by the artist Picasso, then Prisma is one of the best apps that you can use. In total, there are more than 300 anime-style filters, watercolors, and other unique filters that you can use in this app to edit your photos.

3. Anime Face Changer

If you like anume characters with cute, cute and kawaii looks, then Anime Face Changer is the right choice to change your photos into anime characters. This app is very easy to use, because it only takes a few seconds to edit.

The photo editor section itself is quite interesting, because you can add some funny effects through the face maker feature, such as adding a kissing face, your favorite manga photo, anime character-style eye effects, and several other interesting features.

4. Meitu

This app, which has been released since 2008, is of course one of the apps that can survive because it presents various kinds of interesting, funny and unique filters. Besides being able to provide the feature of turning your photos into anime style, Meitu itself provides a variety of other interesting features which will certainly beautify your photo collection.

5. Line Camera

As one of the instant messenger service providers, of course LINE doesn’t want to be left behind in presenting a feature to change photos into anime style.

Through an additional app called LINE Camera, this photo editing app offers various filters, including anime filters specifically for those of you who like to take selfies.

Interestingly, LINE Camera itself has features that some other apps don’t have, because it allows you to change some small details, such as giving effects or frames to your photos.

6. Snow

This one app is arguably the most popular photo editor lately. Apart from having a simple and easy-to-understand display, Snow itself is an app that provides interesting effects and filters that other apps don’t have. Besides that, the selection of anime filters in Snow itself is quite diverse, so it makes you more flexible in making choices when editing your photos.

7. TikTok

Who doesn’t know this app, which has been loved lately because of the interesting features it offers, whether it’s dance, content, music, or some filters that creators can take advantage of.

Through a filter that belongs to TikTok called Comic Face, you can change photos, videos or other content that you upload on this app to become anime style. Apart from that, TikTok also provides a video editor, which allows you to create a video of your creation, with filters that turn you into an anime style.

8. Projection

Lastly, there is an app that is actually not intended as a photo editor, but because the quality of the resulting anime images is arguably the best, this app called Projection, Mimin, is included in this one list.

Even though this app is classified as using Chinese, you can change your photos to look like cute and kawaii anime characters. Considering that this app is only available in China, you can download it through apps such as TapTap or ApkPure.


Those are some app recommendations that you can use to turn your photos into anime style. Of course, you can download these apps for free on your smartphone!

Besides that, if you want to edit videos, it’s a good idea to try the best video editing app that can run on your smartphone. Good luck!

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